RRC provides telecommunications operations and maintenance for the Defense Switched Network (DSN) telephone switch for Avaya and Nortel systems to include associated DSN local trunking, gateways, remote switching equipment, and ancillary equipment. Installation of Inside/Outside Plant cabling using fiber, coaxial and Cat 6 copper.


RRC provides Inside Plant/Outside Plant (ISP/OSP) cabling (fiber/copper) engineering, installation, termination, splicing and labeling; manhole infrastructure drawings and documentation updates/revisions; and installation of network active/passive devices such as patch panels, media converters, and switches related to analog or Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) transport installations.


RRC provides Land Mobile Radio (LMR) operations and maintenance support. We provide two-way radio handheld and base station communications support for military installations.


RRC provides Antenna and Tower Maintenance Support for various types of antenna systems in support of EHF/SHF/UHF/VHF/HF/LF/VLF. Our technicians provide maintenance for towers, curtains, microwave, rhombic and parabolic reflectors.